Mechanical Engineering Services


CAE -Computer Aided Engineering

Winsun Global Tech Services  has the unique  CAE team. We are supporting towards R & D purpose. The team helps undertake various engineering analysis tasks.

Static Analysis

Linear & Non Linear (Material/Geometry/Status) | Design Optimization | Composites Modelling | Hex Meshing | Etc.
Fatigue Analysis
Fracture Fatigue Analysis | Metal Fatigue Analysis | Weld Fatigue Analysis | Vibration Fatigue Analysis | Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis | Spectral Fatigue Analysis | Composite Fatigue Analysis | High Cycle Fatigue Analysis | ASME Fatigue Analysis.
Dynamic Analysis
Vibration Analysis | Spectrum Analysis | Harmonic Analysis | Modal Analysis | Seismic Analysis | Buckling Analysis | Frequency Response Analysis | Rotating Machinery Analysis | Transient Dynamic Analysis | Explicit Dynamic Analysis | Drop Analysis | Crash Analysis | Metal Forming Analysis | Deep...

Thermal Analysis

Thermal-Structural | Coupled Field Analysis | Steady State Analysis | Conduction Analysis | Transient Analysis.
CFD Offerings
Chemical Species Transport | Phase Change Models | Under Hood Thermal Analysis | Conjugate Heat Transfer | Multiphase Models | Discrete Particle Tracking | Dynamic Mesh Motion | Radiation Problems | Solar Loading | High Speed External Compressible Flows | Shock Wave Prediction | Electronics


WINSUN GLOBAL TECH services offers solutions across the value chain from create to validate to build and support making it a unique one stop solutions provider for Mechanical Engineering Services. We have a proven track record of offering end-to-end Mechanical Engineering solutions for customers in all major industry verticals helping design faster, reduce cycle times and achieve higher ROI with your product development efforts

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