About Us


We have upgraded for the need of additional capital to finance the considerable growth in the volume of our services, has made it necessary to recognize business as a private company which has been registered with limited liability in the name WINSUN GLOBAL TECH PRIVATE LIMITED with an Authorized and Paid-up capital of INR 1000000.00, CIN U72900KA202IPTC155588.

This changes in the name only and the nature of our business will remain exactly as before from 20132014. There will be no change in business policy.

It’s our priority to continue delivering outstanding customer service. We are determined to maintain our personal relationship that we have developed in past from 2014. We will continue to do our best to provide services of the highest quality.

WINSUN GLOBAL TECH has unmatched capabilities across Technology towards Mechanical, IT Software Solutions, Civil, Architectural Engineering fields and maintains a leadership in all its major lines of business.

We are leveraging new age technologies to transform ourselves, and virtually every aspect of the lives of people we touch

WGT mech is a diversified global engineering services company with in the hi-tech sectors of Aero Engines, Aerospace,Automotive,Turbines,Heavy Engineering

WINSUN GLOBAL TECH has risen to become a leading DESIGN / ANALYSIS solutions and additive manufacturing technologies provider

Our strength allow us to help industries optimize their mechanical product Design/ Engineering processes there by making them more innovative, efficient, cost effective and time saving.

We add value to our customers’ engineering / R&D processes by our skills, knowledge and domain expertise.  We have a track record delighting our customers, and their customers!!

We are an interdisciplinary team with expertise in multi-physics simulations in conceptual design and design calculations,  finite element, (FEM including non-linear and explicit dynamics), multi-body dynamics (MBD- including flex bodies, SiL/ HiL / MiL),  computational fluid dynamics (CFD  including conjugate heat transfer, fluid structure interaction, hypersonic flow), electro-magnetic (EMAG -including coupled electro-magnetic-thermal-structural simulations), fatigue damage durability (including creep, high temperature fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue), and manufacturing process simulation (including casting, metal forming, powder forming), and multi-disciplinary optimization (including shape & topology optimization and parametric optimization).

We provide collaborative R&D / engineering services, in a business model that fits our customer needs.