Civil Engineering Services

For a building or construction project to be successful, accurate construction drawings are quite important. We specialize in construction engineering drawings, 2D construction plans, construction documentation, CAD construction drawings, and construction BIM services, making us the perfect partner for all your construction drawings.

The team at Outsource2india (O2I) has extensive experience in using software such as AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop (ADT), ArchiCAD, and Revit among others that help in creating detailed construction drawings. With our detailed construction drawings, you will be able to analyze, plan, and execute floor plan designs, elevations or reflected ceiling planes successfully. We provide drawings for various types of construction work such as commercial buildings, residential buildings, new buildings, renovation of old structures, and so on


With an accurate and professionally created construction drawing, you will be able to:

  • Estimate and plan the cost for each segment of the project
  • Get clear instructions about the exact quantity of materials needed, the required layout and expected final project cost
  • Document each aspect of the project and use it as a reference in the future
  • Identify impending issues and recommend appropriate solutions


Construction Drawing Services by  Winsun Global Tech-WGT

Our experts can create a construction drawing for each phase of your construction, such as:

  • Presentation and site plan drawings: contour mapping and layouts
  • Shop drawings: small portable structures, doors, cabinets, modifications to existing buildings and prefabricated berthing quarters
  • Master plan drawings
  • Product drawings
  • Section drawings
  • Architectural engineering drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Construction approval drawings
  • Steel construction detail drawings

Re-drawing of existing construction drawings

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